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Dashie throwing his toast. Photos - Our Garden

The rose bush and gerberas we planted, and notice the little bunny statue
These were the beginnings of our extensive plantings in our back garden … the “Just Joey” roses and pink gerberas were very happy to finally be out of pots … and you can just see the Crepe Myrtle “Lagerstroemia” that we planted (botanical trivia: the only indigenous Australian deciduous tree) … and notice the little bunny statue too.

Aren’t “before” and “after” garden photos great! So here are our collections of “before” and “after” photos ... hope you enjoy them as much as we’ve enjoyed creating and planting and nurturing it all ...
Before ...
Stay tuned ...
... and After ...
... more recently ...

... again, more recently.

... and More Recently
… And this is how it looks even more recently. Our garden’s development, to be continued …



Our Garden Earlier, with the Magpie Lark Family
Our back garden earlier, complete with magpie lark family.
Our back garden, complete with Australian Magpie Lark family … so far, we’ve had three generations of their family make our back garden their home.

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Before ...
When we first arrived ...

... After ...
... after a little joy of planting ...

... Lately
... and the enjoyment of nurturing these plants.

Before                     and                     After
Our front garden patch when we first got there...           ... and after just a little while ...

Our front garden when we first arrived (above left), and then after just a little while!

... with the blue and white petunias.

And below, last summer, complete with Oriental Lilum “Stargazer” bulbs.
Our front garden lately ...

... with Oriental Liliums 'Stargazer'.

Our Previous Gardens

Sweetnin in our back garden at St Kilda. And we grew the cosmos from seeds.
Sweetnin in our back garden in St Kilda where we used to live … we grew the cosmos flowers from seeds, and they ended up taller than me!

Our front steps at Camberwell.
Our previous home and front garden at Camberwell … yes, we nurtured and grew all the annuals!

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Article: Tinky the Australian Magpie Lark’s Story
What You Can Do To Help
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