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Bouh la lapine

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If you happen across an injured or sick animal or bird, you can contact your closest Wildlife Carer anywhere in Australia through numerous organisations Australia-wide;
or anywhere in Victoria through organisations such as:
The Wildlife Care and Rescue Network on 0500 540 000 or (03) 9663 9211;
The W.I.S.E. (Wildlife in a Secure Environment) Trust Wildlife Carers on 1300 094 535 or 0417 373 098 or 5792 2293 at Yea;;;
The Wildlife Rescue and Information Network on 0419 356 433;
Help For Wildlife on 0417 380 687.

Wildlife Assistance
How To Help Wandering Wildlife
WIRES - What To Do In An Emergency
Help For Wildlife - What To Do In An Emergency
What You Can Always Do To Help
Help For Wildlife - What To Do For Injured Animals
Australia-wide Wildline: 0500 540 000
NSW WIRES - Wildlife Information and Rescue Service: 1800 641 188
Australian Wildlife Hospital Queensland: 1300 369 652
Far North Queensland
Far North Queensland
South Australia
Western Australia Links
Australian Marine Mammal Rescue: 02 9415 3333
Australian Sea Bird Rescue
Wildlife Rescue throughout the U.K.
U.S. Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
U.S. Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
International Links to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
Wildlife Singapore
More International Links