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Bouh la lapine

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If you happen across an injured or sick animal or bird, you can contact your closest Wildlife Carer anywhere in Australia through numerous organisations Australia-wide;
or anywhere in Victoria through organisations such as:
The Wildlife Care and Rescue Network on 0500 540 000 or (03) 9663 9211;
The W.I.S.E. (Wildlife in a Secure Environment) Trust Wildlife Carers on 1300 094 535 or 0417 373 098 or 5792 2293 at Yea;;;
The Wildlife Rescue and Information Network on 0419 356 433;
Help For Wildlife on 0417 380 687.

Wildlife Assistance
How To Help Wandering Wildlife
WIRES - What To Do In An Emergency
Help For Wildlife - What To Do In An Emergency
What You Can Always Do To Help
Help For Wildlife - What To Do For Injured Animals
Australia-wide Wildline: 0500 540 000
NSW WIRES - Wildlife Information and Rescue Service: 1800 641 188
Australian Wildlife Hospital Queensland: 1300 369 652
Far North Queensland
Far North Queensland
South Australia
Western Australia Links
Australian Marine Mammal Rescue: 02 9415 3333
Australian Sea Bird Rescue
Wildlife Rescue throughout the U.K.
U.S. Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
U.S. Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
International Links to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
Wildlife Singapore
More International Links

What to do if you find an injured or orphaned bird
Found an injured or baby bird
If a nestling falls out of its nest
A cat has wounded a bird
Injured or baby birds

If a bird is flying or crashing into your window
Preventing crashes
When birds crash into glass
Birds colliding with windows
Protecting windows from birds
Saving birds from collisions
Protecting birds from window impacts

Victims Of Crimes Support
Crime Victims’ Support (VOCAL)
Homicide Victims’ Support & Assistance
AIC Links

Barney Pookah (know the Jimmy Stewart movie 'Harvey'?) as a baby.
Bunny Rabbit Links
Why Bunny Rabbits Make Fantastic Indoors Pets
British House Rabbit Association & Rabbit Welfare Association
House Rabbit Societies in the USA:
from Massachusetts and New Hampshire to
House Rabbit Society, California
The Language of Lagomorphs
Exotic Pets Forums
West Australian Rabbit Council
Larissa’s Questions & Answers
Nos Lapins in France
GZO Land in France
Errol’s Guide to a Happy Bunny
BBC Bunny Rabbits
Oak Branch Woods

Choose Cruelty Free Beauty Australia
Cruelty Free Beauty International
Cruelty Free Hair Products
Cruelty Free Cosmetics
Companies That Do, Companies That Don’t

Save Babe
Peter Singer - Animal Liberation

Rabbit Veterinarians As Gathered From The Web
Australian & New Zealand Bunny Rabbit Vets
U.S. Bunny Rabbit Vets Listed By State
Advice On Finding A Good Vet
Worldwide Bunny Rabbit Vets, including Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa
More Worldwide Bunny Rabbit Vets, more vets in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe
More U.S. Bunny Rabbit Vets
U.S. Bunny Rabbit Vets By Zip Code

Favourite Bunny Links’ Banners

Bouh la lapine

tout ce que vous devez savoir pour faire le bonheur de votre lapin!

Oak Branch Woods

Oak Branch Woods

My Own Banner - Very many thanks to the wonderful Samgamji, of Sam’s Les Grandes Z’Oreilles - GZO Land for designing and creating my very own banner for me ... thank you so much, Sam, what a fantastic present :-)

Lea and Pookah’s Web Site: Bunny Health - Pineapple Juice for Constipation & Stomach Upsets; Australian Wildlife Care; & More!

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More Banners, Logos, Buttons for Lea and Pookah’s Web Site
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Lea and Pookah’s Web Site: Bunny Health - Pineapple Juice for Constipation & Stomach Upsets; Australian Wildlife Care; & More!

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Lea and Pookah’s Web Site: Bunny Health - Pineapple Juice for Constipation & Stomach Upsets; Australian Wildlife Care; & More!

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Bureau of Meteorology Satellite Images
European Space Agency
Astronomical Society of Victoria
Astronomy Hub - The International Astronomy & Space Forum
Orion Astronomers
Vind’s Astronomy & Astrophoto Blog
Starnamer’s Blog
Physics & Philosophy Forum
Space Talk
Astronomy Magazine

Popular Science
New Scientist
Nature Australia
National Geographic
Scientific American
Stephen Hawking
Richard Dawkins
Stephen Jay Gould
Atheist - Pantheist

Spring daffodils.
Animals & the Natural World
Australian Museum Animal Info
Amphibian Research Centre: Australian Frogs
Frog Rescue
Healesville Sanctuary & Melbourne Zoo
Bird Observers’ Club of Australia
The Kakapo of New Zealand
Animals Asia Foundation
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund
Save The Rhino
New Elephant Species
BBC Science & Nature

Roses from bushes which I grew from cuttings.
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Official Lord of the Rings, the Films
J. R. R. Tolkien
Angel - Buffy World
DNA - Douglas Adams
Ray Bradbury
Isaac Asimov

Tulips and bunny rabbits!
Gardening & Horticulture
Garden Express Australia
ABC Gardening
Online Garden Centre
Garden Web
Butterfly Gardening
Butterfly Club
Identifying Caterpillars & Butterflies
Melbourne Botanic Gardens
Tesselaars, Silvan

Libraries, Museums, Translations, Communication
State Library of Victoria
National Gallery of Victoria
Museums Victoria
Musee d’Orsay
Natural History Museum London
Wikipedia - the Online Encyclopaedia
Australian Book Exchange - Rare and Out-of-Print Books
Alta Vista
Babel Fish Instant Translations
Photo Bucket Image Hosting

Stock Photos, Royalty Free Stock Photography, Photo Search

     Dasher resting.
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Wildlife Care
Article: Tinky the Australian Magpie Lark’s Story
What You Can Do To Help
Help for Wildlife Contacts

Bunny Rabbit Health, Treatment, Care
Digestive & Stomach Health - Constipation & Stomach Upsets
Version française : Santé du système digestif des lapins
Bunny Safe Food
The Dangers of Heat Stroke
Happy Indoor House Rabbits
Bonding With Your Bunny
Cleaning Bunny Bottoms
Trimming Bunnies’ Nails

Bunny Rabbit Links
Bunny Banners
Bunny Veterinarians

Article: A Little About Canaries

Photo Galleries
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