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Cleaning Bunny’s Bottom Barney Pookah (know the Jimmy Stewart movie 'Harvey'?) as a baby.

Bunnies don’t usually need to be bathed - in fact, bathing them can make rabbits very sick, because they’re not accustomed to being wet and cold - it’s very bad for a rabbit. Bathing a rabbit can induce an anxiety attack, and there are many cases of bunns suffering heart attacks and dying from fright during a bath.

If you need to wash your bunny’s fur of her feet, tail or butt, for example if she has had diarrhoea and her backside is very dirty, the best idea is to place a clean towel on the ground, say in the kitchen or bathroom, and saturate the towel with luke-warm water (not hot and never cold water - cold water can put a bunny into shock) and then place your bunny on the towel, let the water soak into her, and massage her grubby areas gently but firmly with the wet towel until she’s clean.

If that isn’t getting her clean enough, in unusual circumstances, you can also give her a ’mini’ bath, but only in about one inch, two centimetres of luke-warm water (not hot and never cold water), only just deep enough to reach her bum. It’s also best to do this in a container on the floor, because rabbits hate water, and she will probably try to jump out of the water. So be VERY careful that she doesn’t jump out suddenly and injure herself - don’t take your eye off her for one second while she’s around the water.

After her fur is clean, be sure to sit her on a dry towel for a few moments - move her around on the dry towel a few times, and press the dry towel against her wet fur, so that you capture as much water from her fur as possible, and get her as close to dry as you possibly can - this is very, very important, to ensure that she doesn’t become chilled from her fur being damp.

     Dasher resting.
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