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How To Bond With Your Bunny Barney Pookah (know the Jimmy Stewart movie 'Harvey'?) as a baby.

First of all - welcome to your bunny family member! If you keep your bunny indoors with you, he’ll really become attached to you, and you’ll have a much more rewarding relationship with him. He’ll also live much longer if you keep him inside. Have a read of my article,
Happy Indoor House Rabbits, for more on this.

Not enough people know that rabbits can become really affectionate with their chosen humans, if we give our time and patience. Just always remember that rabbits are very sensitive and feel vulnerable, and as a result want to be very aware of their surroundings. Lay on the ground for a minute and look at the world from your bunn’s eyes, and you’ll understand better why she’s so sensitive and a little insecure - everything looks so big from her viewpoint!

The very best way to get closer to your rabbit is to sit on the floor while you let her explore, and she’ll eventually come and explore you - and have some food with you, so that when she approaches you, you can show her that you’re her friend with this food - a little slice of carrot, or apple, or banana. But don’t try to force her - wait until she approaches you. Another thing you can try is laying on your stomach ... when we do this, our bunn comes right up to my face and sits on the floor in front of me. But this will only happen when your bunn has had plenty of hours and days to explore first! The longer you have her in your company, the more she will become familiar with your room, and then will settle down, sit down and relax, and then you can pet and groom her.

Another tip, keep things the same around your room, so that she doesn’t have to begin their explorations from scratch every time. Bunnies need their areas to be the same every day ... this is how they feel safest and become calmest and more interested in you. Here’s a great website on how to interpret and understand your bunny’s behaviour and what she’s saying to you - The Language of Lagomorphs. Just remember to take everything slowly and gently, and enjoy the journey getting to know and bond with your sensitive bunny friend.

     Dasher resting.
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