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Trimming Bunny’s Nails Barney Pookah (know the Jimmy Stewart movie 'Harvey'?) as a baby.

Clipping your rabbit’s claws is a big challenge for the beginner, but the more you do it, the more both you and your bunn will get used to it - this is why trimming a little bit at a time, and more often, is the best idea. It’s also a good idea to get a vet to show you, especially the first time - a lot of new rabbit owners get a vet to demonstrate and cut their bunn’s nails at first.

You can experiment with wrapping your bunn securely in a towel to hold him. Alternately, some people hold their bunn on his back on their lap, because some rabbits struggle less in this position, and his claws are then easy to get to. Our bunny, on the other hand, struggles more in this position, really hates to be on his back. So we sit him upright on his four feet, either on one person’s knees, or alternately on on the couch, in the corner of the couch so he can’t back away, and I keep my arm wrapped firmly around his back while I hold the relevant foot and trim his nails.

Important info - rabbits have a blood vessel running down the centre of their nail - if your rabbit has white or pale coloured nails, you’ll be able to see the pink blood vessel inside. You must be very, very careful not to cut too closely to this vein, or it will bleed badly. And - just in case you ever nick it and it bleeds - you can stop the bleeding with styptic powder, or plain powder such as talcum powder or plain flour. If your bunn’s a very dark colour, it will be much more difficult to see the blood vessels running through the middle of her nails ... so hold a flashlight on the other side of her foot, so that the beam shines through the nail, and that will allow you to you see the blood vessel a little more easily - if in doubt, err on the side of caution and leave your rabbit’s nails a little longer. The best length for bunnies’ claws is approximately the same length as the surrounding hairs.

Nail cutting is a big challenge for the beginner, but the more you do it, the more both you and your bunn will get used to it - this is why it’s better to clip a little often. Just be calm and take it slowly - and good luck to you and your bunn!

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